* New * IBM X6 Server Line : What can it do for YOUR business?

On January 16th, IBM announced several technology breakthroughs. For the last 10 years IBM has held an Annual study gathering input from over 400,000 leaders around the world. This year these leaders have agreed that technology has the strongest influence on their business strategy. Not only is it important anymore to be able to deal with issues once they occur, but a successful business needs to be able to anticipate these issues and prevent them from happening.

The first major announcement at the January 16th event, was that of the new X6 server line. This is the 6th generation of the X architecture system and it will redefine x86 computing. The X6 line is Fast, agile, and resilient. Specializing in ERP, Business analytics databases and virtualization.

The new line will be able to run mission critical applications with extreme uptime and scalability, meaning you will be able to service or upgrade any part without having to take the server out of its rack. It will make deploying a virtualized environment easier by  – rapidly analyzing , managing and sharing data seamlessly.  X86’s challenge was its ability to manage , virtualize and deliver larger workloads to the cloud, but with x6, that has now become a thing of the past.

What’s new with the X6 IBM Server Line :


eXFLASH Memory channel storage is an industry first , offering superior performance.

Enhnanced Memory options: IBM Flashcache Storage accelerator software , clients can benefit from highly advanced intelligent caching that autonomically detects and optimizes the data you use most. Making it easier and faster for you to access your most important information.

WriteNow Enhancement: Gives you the ability to write data faster

Direct Data accelerator: provides user with choice on how data is accessed depending on data IO loads


Module design : lower present and future acquisition costs by continuously leveraging the latest technology . X6 Will support 3 generations of technology in the same server AND you will be able to upgrade to the new technology seamlessly without having to even remove your server from the rack.

Extreme Uptime:

Same serial number – scale easily now and upgrade efficiently in the future while maintaining continuus uptime

Resilient self healing technology- proactively identifies potential failures and then takes necessary steps to correct them

Overall, the new X6 server line will allow you to deploy larger mission critical workloads into virtualized private, public or hybrid cloud environments, dramatically increase compute and IO performance, lower latency and innovation in memory and storage. With its Fast, Agile and Resilient new infrastructure it will provide you with unmatched storage performance and capacity that will provide your business with a great competitive advantage.

Questions? Comments? We’re always excited to hear them! Feel free to send them on over to kmartir@metrotsg.com

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