** Cost effective ** Midrange Storage System

Every once in a while a product comes out that we get really excited about over here at Metrotech, and IBM’s Storwize V7000 is it! There are so many different features and functions that are EASY to implement and use that we think everyone should have it in their data center. But for some smaller companies they just don’t have the data volume where the V7000 would make sense, so to fix that problem IBM first introduced the V37000. Then a problem came up for companies that fit in between the V3700 and V7000 requirements so IBM recently introduced the V5000.So basically the V5000 is the middle child between the V3700 and V7000.

The V5000’s features include:

  • Up to 168 drives when 336 Clustered (up 20 240 drives on V7000 with 960 clustered)
  • Internal Virtualization
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Data Migration
  • Advanced GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Multi Host support
  • VMware & MS Integration
  • FlashCopy
  • EasyTier
  • Remote Mirror
  • Turbo Performance
  • External Virtualization (only available on V5000 and V7000)
  • Clustering 2 while the V7000 is able to cluster 4
  • Higher scalability & Performance

The IBM V5000 is a midrange system used for consolidating servers or small storage environments. It allows you to re-use your existing storage no matter what brand, for higher efficiency, performance and utilization. It also provides you with IP Replication acceleration technology. This technology is by Bridgeworks Artificial Intelligence and its INCLUDED with your V5000 purchase. The Bridgeworks SANslide technology uses artificial intelligence technology to transmit data streams in parallel, automatically adjusting to changing network latency. This improves network bandwidth utilization up to 3x.

So how can the IBM V5000 improve your existing environment today?

The V5000 will

  • Enable non disruptive migration from existing SAS storage
  • Allow you to scale up and out quickly to easily accommodate rapid growth
  • Allow you to reuse your existing storage
  • Add on new features like ProtectTier to improve existing storage’s performance
  • Reduce your Energy Costs / Storage Footprint
  • Increase your bandwidth utilization
  • Create Faster Replication Cycles
  • Simplify management of the system with its easy to use GUI

Interested in more information? Features/Functions/Pricing? Email me @ kmartir@metrotsg.com


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