Gridless Power

With all the storms affecting our area in recent years, Back up and Disaster Recovery plans are essential for a successful business plan. But what if catastrophe happens? What if the power completely goes out? What good is that DR site? Or what if there is no reliable power to begin with?

Metrotech has recently partnered with a ground breaking company that can solve this problem. Gridless Power. The Gridless Power Platform delivers rugged, intelligent portable, and CLEAN power by combining cutting edge hardware and software to deliver energy to where it’s needed most: disaster zones, battlefields, rural villages, hospitals, farms, and everywhere else left in the dark by the grid.

This solution is:

  • Mobile
  • Scalable
  • Weather resistant
  • Able to be Re-charged fast – in only one short hour from solar, wall outlet, gas generator, and/or your automobile

gridless power pic

Gridless Power is a no brainer when it comes to the most cost effective and RELIABLE contingency plan.

Did you know that Gridless Power supported the emergency responders during Superstorm Sandy? They will also be on hand at this year’s SuperBowl at Metlife stadium!

Don’t wait until disaster strikes, be prepared. This technology is a simple solution to ensure not only your data stays safe, but you, your coworkers, and patients do as well.

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