IBM Connections

Are you and your team always on the same page when it comes to projects and what must be done? Do you ever hit roadblocks because you are using multiple tools and applications to send/receive, collaborate and store important information? In today’s work environment, teams are dispersed all over the state, country or world. Its difficult, sometimes near impossible to get everyone into a physical meeting to discuss projects, updates, goals, and next steps. What if you and your team were able to work within a single platform that would allow you to communicate, collaborate and access essential information quicker and more efficiently than ever before? That would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it? That’s where IBM Connections comes in.

With IBM Connections you can:

  • Form communities: ever need an answer to something but don’t know who to ask? With communities you, your team, even your enterprise will be able to organize and share insights, gain access to experts in each specific area, search blogs, wikis, and forums to accurately find relevant information specific to you and your assignments.
  • Store Content: Tired of sending a million attachments back and forth with the latest updated files? Or using a bunch of different unsecure applications to edit files with your team? With Connections you will be able to store, efficiently access, organize, protect and share files all within its platform. All files will automatically synchronize between computers and all devices, all with real time editing. You’ll be able to share folders, upload content with version control, share files with a single link, and edit documents with up to 20 team members simultaneously.
  • Chat: Ever just need a quick, but urgent response from one of your teammates? Connections chat allows you to securely instant message one another, create a group chat, start an audio-visual call, or even send over file transfer instantly. You can even create groups so you don’t have to worry adding everyone individually into your message. Simply select the group and send away!
  • Meetings: Want to create the same feel as a physical meeting brings? Connections Meetings allows you to collaborate with your team by enabling you to host an audio/video meeting with up to 200 participants. Multiple participants are displayed and streamed so there there’s plenty of interaction with one another.
  • Email: Ever have to search through your endless list of contacts to figure out who specializes in exactly what you’re looking for? VERSE (connections email) allows you to integrated cognitive analytics capabilities along with its innovative social features streamlines these searches and connects you with the appropriate contact without having to dig through countless contact listings.

IBM Connections can increase your team’s productivity and collaboration without question, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s some more in-depth information along with a free trial! Stop spending hours worrying if your team is on the same page and start completing tasks and moving forward again!

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