Is Your Company ready for the Future of IT?

Is your Company ready for the future of IT?

Today we are in a shift of technology driving growth and innovation. Cloud, analytics, social business and mobile are not only remaking the way we compute, but they are remaking BUSINESS. 1.2 billion mobile employees and 1.2 smartphones are expected by 2014, that’s just NEXT YEAR, is your business ready for this??! This new era brings the opportunity for all companies to reshape the value of their data that they deliver. But there are many factors to still consider: Cost , complexity and risk and just a few, but they are big ones!

IBM believes Smarter computing is the answer. Smarter Computing is a strategy leveraging cloud to speed up time to market and improve efficiency. Smarter computing unlocks the power of big data and delivers game changing insights, as well as helps secure critical data , reducing risk and enhancing compliance

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smarter computing

This “Smarter Computing”  isn’t something IBM just started working on, but it is something your company should be looking into.

  • Are you currently able to holster and take advantage of all the information coming in from your social media websites, customer databases, or even your own business process data?
  • Are you currently able to deploy mobile employees without any risk? Are you having trouble maintain compliance with the ever changing compliance regulations?
  •  Have you taken advantage of the power of virtualization and the cloud?

Businesses of ALL sizes are able to take advantage of smarter computing. Large enterprises are  looking to “do more with less”, leveraging virtualization and cloud computing as much as possible, while smaller enterprises try to “keep it simple”.

IBM’s Power systems have been at the forefront of innovation and technology for a while now, with their technology at the heart of Industry changing machines like Mar’s Rovers, BlueGene , and of course IBM Watson.  Watson is now evolving its technology to be usable in industries like Finance, customer service and Healthcare . But still, how can a small/midsized business take advantage of this technology? They certainly don’t have the means, or even the need to go out and buy a “Supercomputer”.

IBM has considered this, and just recently launched the Power 760 Server. This server is designed for consolidated and virtualized workloads.

This new power system has been designed to address 3 key customer challenges:

  1. Improve efficiency to focus more on business growth : designed to further leverage POWER VM virtualization for cloud, with power vm you get double the number of virtual machines per core, helping to improve the utilization and system efficiency while maintaining the service levels of vital business applications.
  2. Optimized for business critical workloads: Automatic Optimization of virtual machines across the system.Optimized for use of high performance SSD, Cognos and SPSS .
  3. Helps cut the cost of compliance by utilizing the policy based templates in Power SE software.

There are so many amazing benefits of the new Power 760, from its incredible capacity to its processing power, and of course the fact that your business can implement this technology into its own environment.

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