IBM Spectrum Storage

Tired of managing all your storage devices and services from different vendors separately? Want to get the management under control, save some money and future proof your backup to new technologies? IBM Spectrum Storage can do just that. With IBM Spectrum Storage it can provide your business with centrally managed data across more than 300 different storage devices. It will allow you to manage your data without any service interruptions and also show automatically place files in the appropriate locations based on its usage.

IBM Spectrum Storage allows you to manage different types of data and storage services and also provides you with a consolidated review and analysis of all your assets. When you combine IBM Spectrum Storage with IBM spectrum virtualize and IBM Spectrum control Analytics software powered by IBM research, you will be able to scan your entire environment and reclaim unused capacity as well as determine the best location for your data file based on used and migrate this file automatically.

IBM Spectrum Protect, part of IBM Spectrum Storage, is a data protection tool that safe guards all your data within your system . No matter if its static, real time , structured, unstructured, on premise and in the cloud, IBM Spectrum Protect will keep it safe. Spectrum protect also helps create less data for you to manage and faster restoration time with incremental forever backup that only creates a backup of new and changed data as well as built in deduplication  that eliminates duplicate copies of repeated data.

Simplify the management of all your devices and services, whether on the cloud or on premise with IBM Spectrum Storage. Click here to learn more or email us with any questions you may have at


Things to look out for in 2017 related to Backup Technology

With so much talk about cloud, integration and virtualization going into 2017. Top companies like IBM and Veeam are keeping Backup in mind for their 2017 focus.

Some things to look out for with IBM are support for VMware 6.5 allowing customers to manage their backup from directly inside the Vmware systems. As well as petabyte- scale deduplication for object storage, and applying multiple retention policies to single pieces of data.

Veeam recently added support for Nimble and Microsoft’s 2016 applications and servers . They will also be dedicating a lot of their time and focus on cloud backups during 2017. Most importantly they will be adding 2 new products, one for backup data from cloud sources and another that adds a management layer.

With any kind of data, no matter where it resides, backup up is important. With products like IBM’s Spectrum Storage, you can easily manage your backup from different devices, even different services, to make sure this isn’t an overwhelming task. Make sure your data is secure and make sure to reevaluate your backup policies and strategies for the new year to accommodate any new technology you have or are thinking about deploying. Just how important are backup policies? Read about it here.

Cloud Predictions for 2017

As the predictions continue to come in for the New Year, here are some referenced around the Cloud.

Increased Flexibility: Business demands are changing faster and faster every day. Companies are looking for a cloud that can adjust quickly and efficiently without any hiccups. Many companies already understand the benefits that come with the cloud but more will likely jump on board within the near future to keep up with customer demand.

Management : Since more companies are pushing more of their operations and processes into a cloud environment, management of these processes will be a key factor moving into 2017. With so many operations in the cloud there is a greater need for automation tools and centralized management.

Breakthrough into new industries: Companies that were “against” moving to the cloud will soon be announcing their first cloud models. Many companies tend to play on the safe or conservative side, when adopting new technology so they’ve just keep a close eye on how others were progressing for the last couple years. They have patiently waited until all the kinks were worked out. Once these regulatory issues and kinks are solved, the “conservative” companies will jump on board.

Goodbye traditional infrastructure: Many companies will walk away from traditional infrastructure all together. The cost of owning and operating data centers is much to high for some and the savings and convenience of moving to the cloud is just too good to pass up. This year we will see more and more companies take the leap. The Hybrid cloud, will become a stepping stone instead of a final destination for most as they phase out their on premise infrastructure to get ready for the future.

With all that being said- there are a lot of changes to be seen for the cloud industry in the near future. These changes within the industry will also bring along a lot of new challenges for traditional infrastructure resellers. Many resellers will need to provide their employees with education on the new technology, bring on new employees with different roles and skill sets or step aside to those who are willing to do so. As we inch closer to the new year, only time will tell how big these changes will be.

Game Changing Technology Prediction for 2017

Every year influencers always come up with their predictions for the next year. What will the hottest new trend be? What will the game changing technology be? What technology will all other innovations be based upon? Normally there isn’t a single technology that I believe will be the center of all things, but this year cognitive computing is taking the gamut.

With everything from IBM Watson in Cancer research to Amazon’s Echo in home automation, consumers and technology are working together to get things done and learn from one another. This collaboration will bring along things that humans alone would never be able to accomplish. We’ve been very focused on real time marketing and results in the past, but now with all the new quickly and efficiently analyzed data and learned knowledge, we’ll be able to deploy “right – time” marketing tactics.

This year and the years to come will have much to do how humans and technology can learn from one another. Technology will learn from us, our patterns, habits and what actions reap the best results. It will be able to present the results to us Humans so we can in turn use this data to create a personalized consumer experience. Collaboration is key this year, and changes will be seen all over the industry, especially in Security, to be able to support this collaboration and allow us to continue to grow and learn together.

Mobile Security heading into 2017

Just recently Google had 1 million accounts compromised by Malware, and Apple had to push out a rush patch back in August due to vulnerability. Will it get better in 2017? Will it get worse?

Since companies have recognized how important mobile devices are, they have gone to great lengths to protect them. Many companies have implemented sandboxing (when employees can only operate their devices within a contained environment) code signing (ensuring the source and author of an app is legitimate) surface hardening (defensive measure to protect against memory corruption) and a plethora of other tactics to protect their devices. But when companies like Apple and Android don’t grant security access to outside companies and researchers, we can’t gain a deeper understanding into their issues and how to protect their systems better. This is a huge road block that we’ve constantly hit when it comes to mobile security, which might be breaking down a bit as we edge into 2017. Word has it, that there is an application being researched that will be built in at the processor level to better detect behaviors or irregularities within a device and trigger an immediate alarm.

While this all seems like an uphill battle losing battle, and something that won’t be able to be fixed until much later. There is still plenty you can do to protect your company’s Mobile Devices today. IBM has the leading solution providing the best protection possible moving into the new year, MaaS360 . Check it out in a quick 3 minute overview  below and don’t forget there is a 30 day free trial so you can try it out on your own risk free!

Data Breach Protection

Yahoo’s security breach has shaken things up a bit when it comes to password protection. Are you guilty of using the same password for multiple accounts? With the added requirements that passwords must be 8 characters long, contain at least one number, one Capital Letter and one special character, many consumers keep the same password or similar passwords for all their accounts so they can remember it. What about your security questions? Are they the same for every account as well? During the Yahoo Breach the data that was stolen included names, email addresses, phone numbers, (scrambled) passwords, and security questions/answers. If you use the same password, email, and/or security questions for multiple accounts, and you were hacked, you should definitely change all passwords/questions to make sure your information cannot be used to enter into other accounts.

When a large company gets hacked that is supposed to have “top of the line” security, you begin to wonder. If someone was able to hack them, what about me? What about my company? We don’t have a million dollar network protection plan installed… how do I reduce the risk of this happening to my customers? How do I protect not only them, but myself and my company?


IBM has an tried and true solutions for all your security needs, no matter how big or small your company is. In today’s world, you need to be protected. Consumers are asking how their information is stored, protected and accessed. Provide them and yourself, with peace of mind and get started choosing the perfect solution for your needs today. Check out this white paper about securing cloud applications for a safer environment and also a previous post on IBM’s Qradar solution.

IBM Watson Analytics

When it comes to businesses and data, the amount your business retains can be absolutely mind boggling. Everyone stores it, backs it up and protects it, but not everyone uses it to its fullest potential. IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud based service that will allow you to analyze your data quickly to discover patterns and actual meaning within your data. It will provide you with natural language dialogue so you can interact with it and obtain answers you can actually understand.

When you’re ready to get started, its as easy as asking Watson a question, in your own words. Once entered, you will receive a data visualization almost instantly. You can dig deeper into this analysis, find a predictive summary as to why this is occurring, and combine your findings to create dashboards and infographics.

If that isn’t enough for you, with Watson Analtyics Plus, you can even connect to Twitter data which will allow you to improve your connectivity with your customers by viewing tactics that have been proven most effective for your business in the past. 1 user and  2 gb of storage not enough for your company? Don’t worry, Watson analytics Professional (for enterprises) will give you 100gb with additional storage options.

Interested in analyzing social media information but don’t necessarily need additional storage? Watson for social media will  allow you to collect data from online boards, review sites, social networks to provide you with a  more refined analysis to drive better business outcomes.

With Watson Analytics, the possibilities are endless. Try it free for yourself and see how beneficial it can be for you and your company.