Software Defined Storage in Healthcare

In the past, the Healthcare Industry has always been one step behind when it came to technology. Now, big data analytics, mobile and social platforms, unstructured data and cognitive solutions are revolutionizing the Healthcare industry. With all this data pouring in needing to be stored, there is an urgent need to reduce storage costs but also keep this data secure and available for use.

Software defined storage is a solution in that in its basic sense, separates the actual storage or “intelligence” from its infrastructure. Your applications will then interact only with the software which in turn creates more flexibility when it comes to the actual hardware needed.


  • Less expensive hardware can be used or use what you currently have
  • Data can be moved automatically among different types of storage – on premise and in the cloud
  • Non-disruptive movement
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Unique needs to store unstructured data (ie. Medical images, documents, and clinical sensor telemetry) can be also be met

IBM’s comprehensive family of Software defined storage offerings have a long, proven history within the Healthcare Industry and IBM offers all these solutions under a single licensing model, IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry as applications evolve. Interested in learning more? Try it out in a Live demo here!

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