Latest news in IBM Cloud Object Storage

Yesterday IBM announced 2 new additions to the IBM Cloud Object Storage Family. These latest additions will provide clients with new archival data choices as well as a new pricing models to allow clients to access analytics and cognitive tools easier. In the past businesses would normally have to manage across 3 different types of data workloads: frequently accessed/used, infrequently accessed, and archival data. Infrequently and archival data are typically stored on cheaper, slower The first addition, IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex, will be a pay as you go model of storage tiers . Flex will offer simplified pricing for clients whose data usage patterns are difficult to predict. Flex enables clients to benefit from the cost savings of cold storage for rarely accessed data, while maintaining high accessibility to all data.

Additionally, the IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault  service will give clients access to cold storage or archival data on the IBM Cloud and is designed to lead the category for cold data recovery times among major competitor

“Clients need faster access to more of their data to become cognitive businesses with a deep understanding of markets and customer needs,” said John Morris, general manager, IBM Cloud Object Storage. “IBM’s new cloud storage services and innovative pricing model provides clients an efficient and less expensive way to act on insights from unpredictable data patterns.”

See why this is a game changer and how IBM’s new pricing stands up to competitors here.

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