Converged vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged/Converged infrastructures are changing IT environments and the way they are managed around the globe. Do you currently have a hydperconverged infrastructure at your work place? How about a converged system? Do you know the difference between the two?

In a hyperconverged infrastructure, systems are tightly integrated. Storage, computing, networking and virtualization are all in one hardware box supported by a single vendor. This unit takes less time to configure and gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing hardware and the deployment/management of VMs. The hyperconverged infrastructure is a software defined system which means its run and centrally managed.

Hyper converged -infrastructure

In a converged infrastructure servers, storage and networking switches come together in a stack as a turn-key solution. The product is typically pre-configured for a certain workload but does not adapt as well to workload changes. Typically, within this converged infrastructure every appliance needs to also be managed separately.


There are many advantages to both and since there is no “one size fits all” solution, each company should look for the best infrastructure to fit their unique needs.

Converged:  Converged infrastructures are ideal for companies that need a lot of control over each element in their IT infrastructure, as each element can be “fine-tuned” individually. They may also be a good fit for large enterprises who are replacing their entire infrastructure, as they do not need to browse the market and purchase every component separately.

Hyperconverged: Small and medium enterprises which require a cost-effective, flexible and agile infrastructure that can be managed by 1-2 IT people. They are simple to manage allowing your IT staff to focus on other parts of the business. They can also reduce costs and increase efficiency due to the lower costs of purchasing and management as well as faster deployment of new infrastructure.

Our 2 cents –If  you require the performance and control of a traditional infrastructure but are starting from scratch (replacing your entire infrastructure) then go with a converged system. This will save you not only on costs but also the frustration of purchasing each piece separately. If your business needs fast deployment and quick access to resources while also keeping your overall IT budget low,  then a hyper-converged infrastructure is the best for you. Want to dig a bit deeper to see how your specific environment could benefit?  click here.

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