AI? or IA?

Is it artificial intelligence? Or augmented intelligence? Does it matter? Are they interchangeable or completely different?

Today’s experts would like AI to be rearranged to represent “Augmented Intelligence” and the difference between the two be publicly known, but why? Augmented Intelligence is the main focus of today’s technology. When focusing on augmented intelligence, we are working at enhancing or augmenting human capabilities rather than replicating and surpassing human intelligence all together. In simpler terms, we are trying to enhance human capabilities, rather than replace them.

AI, artificial intelligence, in its true “surpassing human intelligence” form, is something most people are a bit afraid of. Even tech leaders like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking warned against the development of true artificial intelligence. The thought that if successfully done, means machines would be able to “think” on their own causes great panic not only in experts’ eyes but also the public’s. Two of our biggest dears with artificial intelligence is job loss, since machines would essentially be able to accomplish all work previously done by humans, faster and more efficiently. And artificial intelligence in weaponry – we’ve all seen those sci-fi movies, they tend to get a bit messy.


So the rearranging of the letters from AI to IA – to represent “Intelligence Augmentation”, experts think will help differentiate the two since the abbreviations are being used frequently not only in the Tech world but also everyday life. Everything from Amazon’s Alexa assisting you at home to IBM’s Watson assisting doctors diagnose patients, rely on augmented intelligence and experts want the public to except these advances rather than fear them.

Establishing the difference between the two now will make a world of difference as we approach decades to come. Interested in creating your own cognitive solution using augmented intelligence? Check out IBM’s competition here or to learn more about Augmented Intelligence and how it could assist your business click here .

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