Things to look out for in 2017 related to Backup Technology

With so much talk about cloud, integration and virtualization going into 2017. Top companies like IBM and Veeam are keeping Backup in mind for their 2017 focus.

Some things to look out for with IBM are support for VMware 6.5 allowing customers to manage their backup from directly inside the Vmware systems. As well as petabyte- scale deduplication for object storage, and applying multiple retention policies to single pieces of data.

Veeam recently added support for Nimble and Microsoft’s 2016 applications and servers . They will also be dedicating a lot of their time and focus on cloud backups during 2017. Most importantly they will be adding 2 new products, one for backup data from cloud sources and another that adds a management layer.

With any kind of data, no matter where it resides, backup up is important. With products like IBM’s Spectrum Storage, you can easily manage your backup from different devices, even different services, to make sure this isn’t an overwhelming task. Make sure your data is secure and make sure to reevaluate your backup policies and strategies for the new year to accommodate any new technology you have or are thinking about deploying. Just how important are backup policies? Read about it here.

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