IBM Spectrum Storage

Tired of managing all your storage devices and services from different vendors separately? Want to get the management under control, save some money and future proof your backup to new technologies? IBM Spectrum Storage can do just that. With IBM Spectrum Storage it can provide your business with centrally managed data across more than 300 different storage devices. It will allow you to manage your data without any service interruptions and also show automatically place files in the appropriate locations based on its usage.

IBM Spectrum Storage allows you to manage different types of data and storage services and also provides you with a consolidated review and analysis of all your assets. When you combine IBM Spectrum Storage with IBM spectrum virtualize and IBM Spectrum control Analytics software powered by IBM research, you will be able to scan your entire environment and reclaim unused capacity as well as determine the best location for your data file based on used and migrate this file automatically.

IBM Spectrum Protect, part of IBM Spectrum Storage, is a data protection tool that safe guards all your data within your system . No matter if its static, real time , structured, unstructured, on premise and in the cloud, IBM Spectrum Protect will keep it safe. Spectrum protect also helps create less data for you to manage and faster restoration time with incremental forever backup that only creates a backup of new and changed data as well as built in deduplication  that eliminates duplicate copies of repeated data.

Simplify the management of all your devices and services, whether on the cloud or on premise with IBM Spectrum Storage. Click here to learn more or email us with any questions you may have at

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