Cloud Predictions for 2017

As the predictions continue to come in for the New Year, here are some referenced around the Cloud.

Increased Flexibility: Business demands are changing faster and faster every day. Companies are looking for a cloud that can adjust quickly and efficiently without any hiccups. Many companies already understand the benefits that come with the cloud but more will likely jump on board within the near future to keep up with customer demand.

Management : Since more companies are pushing more of their operations and processes into a cloud environment, management of these processes will be a key factor moving into 2017. With so many operations in the cloud there is a greater need for automation tools and centralized management.

Breakthrough into new industries: Companies that were “against” moving to the cloud will soon be announcing their first cloud models. Many companies tend to play on the safe or conservative side, when adopting new technology so they’ve just keep a close eye on how others were progressing for the last couple years. They have patiently waited until all the kinks were worked out. Once these regulatory issues and kinks are solved, the “conservative” companies will jump on board.

Goodbye traditional infrastructure: Many companies will walk away from traditional infrastructure all together. The cost of owning and operating data centers is much to high for some and the savings and convenience of moving to the cloud is just too good to pass up. This year we will see more and more companies take the leap. The Hybrid cloud, will become a stepping stone instead of a final destination for most as they phase out their on premise infrastructure to get ready for the future.

With all that being said- there are a lot of changes to be seen for the cloud industry in the near future. These changes within the industry will also bring along a lot of new challenges for traditional infrastructure resellers. Many resellers will need to provide their employees with education on the new technology, bring on new employees with different roles and skill sets or step aside to those who are willing to do so. As we inch closer to the new year, only time will tell how big these changes will be.

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