Game Changing Technology Prediction for 2017

Every year influencers always come up with their predictions for the next year. What will the hottest new trend be? What will the game changing technology be? What technology will all other innovations be based upon? Normally there isn’t a single technology that I believe will be the center of all things, but this year cognitive computing is taking the gamut.

With everything from IBM Watson in Cancer research to Amazon’s Echo in home automation, consumers and technology are working together to get things done and learn from one another. This collaboration will bring along things that humans alone would never be able to accomplish. We’ve been very focused on real time marketing and results in the past, but now with all the new quickly and efficiently analyzed data and learned knowledge, we’ll be able to deploy “right – time” marketing tactics.

This year and the years to come will have much to do how humans and technology can learn from one another. Technology will learn from us, our patterns, habits and what actions reap the best results. It will be able to present the results to us Humans so we can in turn use this data to create a personalized consumer experience. Collaboration is key this year, and changes will be seen all over the industry, especially in Security, to be able to support this collaboration and allow us to continue to grow and learn together.


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