Mobile Security heading into 2017

Just recently Google had 1 million accounts compromised by Malware, and Apple had to push out a rush patch back in August due to vulnerability. Will it get better in 2017? Will it get worse?

Since companies have recognized how important mobile devices are, they have gone to great lengths to protect them. Many companies have implemented sandboxing (when employees can only operate their devices within a contained environment) code signing (ensuring the source and author of an app is legitimate) surface hardening (defensive measure to protect against memory corruption) and a plethora of other tactics to protect their devices. But when companies like Apple and Android don’t grant security access to outside companies and researchers, we can’t gain a deeper understanding into their issues and how to protect their systems better. This is a huge road block that we’ve constantly hit when it comes to mobile security, which might be breaking down a bit as we edge into 2017. Word has it, that there is an application being researched that will be built in at the processor level to better detect behaviors or irregularities within a device and trigger an immediate alarm.

While this all seems like an uphill battle losing battle, and something that won’t be able to be fixed until much later. There is still plenty you can do to protect your company’s Mobile Devices today. IBM has the leading solution providing the best protection possible moving into the new year, MaaS360 . Check it out in a quick 3 minute overview  below and don’t forget there is a 30 day free trial so you can try it out on your own risk free!

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