IBM Watson Analytics

When it comes to businesses and data, the amount your business retains can be absolutely mind boggling. Everyone stores it, backs it up and protects it, but not everyone uses it to its fullest potential. IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud based service that will allow you to analyze your data quickly to discover patterns and actual meaning within your data. It will provide you with natural language dialogue so you can interact with it and obtain answers you can actually understand.

When you’re ready to get started, its as easy as asking Watson a question, in your own words. Once entered, you will receive a data visualization almost instantly. You can dig deeper into this analysis, find a predictive summary as to why this is occurring, and combine your findings to create dashboards and infographics.

If that isn’t enough for you, with Watson Analtyics Plus, you can even connect to Twitter data which will allow you to improve your connectivity with your customers by viewing tactics that have been proven most effective for your business in the past. 1 user and  2 gb of storage not enough for your company? Don’t worry, Watson analytics Professional (for enterprises) will give you 100gb with additional storage options.

Interested in analyzing social media information but don’t necessarily need additional storage? Watson for social media will  allow you to collect data from online boards, review sites, social networks to provide you with a  more refined analysis to drive better business outcomes.

With Watson Analytics, the possibilities are endless. Try it free for yourself and see how beneficial it can be for you and your company.

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