QRadar QFlow Collector

When our customers are putting together their Qradar Security plan, many times they’ve asked,  “What’s the benefit is of adding Qradar’s QFlow Collector when I already have the event data being collected?” Being able to collect Flow and Event data (Siem and QFlow conmbined) not only gives you a better view as to what is happening on your network it also allows you to the view flow of events that are coming in. This greater visibility will allow you to better detect threats, meet policy and regulatory compliance requirements and minimize risks to mission critical data, services and assets.

With IBM QRadar Qflow and Siem combined you will be able to monitor and analyze activity on social media, and multimedia applications. You will have near real time anomaly detection and content capturing capabilities to make it easier to detect malware, recognize vulnerabilities and monitor your team’s social communications including their usage patterns.

There is also a lot more added value to your policy and regulatory compliance management. You will be able to identify and correct out of date policies and applications running over nonstandard ports as well as complete many other actionable tasks.  You will be able to automatically identify and classify new assets found on your network and discover which ports and services they are running. This will allow you the capability to be alerted when a new system or service is added or configuration changes occur.

Adding Q Flow Collector to your QRadar Security plan gives you greater visibility into network activity and will ultimately minimize risk. Check out the webcast below and full data sheet here.

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