IBM Qradar Log Manager

How many logs does your system create every day? How do you search and monitor each and every one? It’s impossible to do manually, but with IBM Security QRadar Log Manager, you can process large volumes of data from tons of different sources quickly and efficiently. QRadar Log Manager provides a solid, straightforward foundation for your team through a highly intuitive, centralized user interface. It comes with a default dashboard ready to go, or you can easily customize it to fit your exact needs.

Log Manager is very easy to install and use. You’ll be able to view and manage your events in no time at all. Your default dashboard will allow you to view your events in near real time, or search for specific ones that have already occurred. You can specify your search by picking a certain period of time, searching a log source, searching a source ip or by choosing many other search options. You can easily create rules as well to assist with your log processing. You can use some of the 2,000 prepopulated rules or create your own. You’ll be happy to know that creating rules are also a breeze since you won’t be needing a special language to do so, you just type what you want in plain English and VOILA! You can also customize your dashboard to meet your specific needs as well. Default dashboards are available by function and users can create and customize their own work spaces to monitor specific activities and drill down to a time series view for long-term trending of data. This makes it easier to identify anomalies or possible threats to the organization.

● Generate actionable IT forensics by aggregating and correlating a diverse set of logs and events

●Capture event data from security and network devices, servers, endpoints and applications within a federated repository with a single global view

●Easily perform forensics, application and network troubleshooting across normalized data for simplified searching

●Scale to support hundreds of thousands of events per second, per system

●Help exceed regulatory mandates with rich compliance-reporting capabilities

●Preserve investments by enabling the addition of integrated security information and event management (SIEM) technology

●IBM Security QRadar Log Manager can also help you meet compliance monitoring and reporting requirements.

IBM Security QRadar Log Manager:

  • Captures and processes large volumes of event data from thousands of sources in near real time to provide visibility into developing threats and helps meet continuous compliance-monitoring requirements.
  • Provides rich compliance-reporting capabilities to help meet or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Scales to support hundreds of thousands of events per second within a single unified database in near real time.
  • Installs in Cloud environments to deliver log management functionality.
  • Offers high-availability and disaster-recovery options to help maintain uninterrupted log source data collection and storage.

Want to learn more about Qradar’s Log Manager? Check out IBM’s case study here !

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