IBM’s QRadar Incident Forensics

So what do you do when you actually HAVE a security breach? It’s not one of those things that just might happen, businesses experiences multiple attacks each day – how do you handle these? How do you find out how they got into your system in the first place? How do you track their movements and prevent it from happening again? How LONG does it take your team to complete all these actions? With IBM’s Qradar Incident Forensics you will be able to quickly identify and stop network breaches before they cause real damage. Not only that, but this tool will also help reduce the time spent dealing with each incident.

IBM’s Qradar Incident Forensics is able to raw network data related to the each incident that occurs so that you and your team can form a greater understanding of the event ie: Figure out exactly what happened, when it happened, why it happened, and how to prevent a similar attach from happening in the future. Adding an intelligent analytics tool to your IT Security strategy will greatly reduce your team’s time spent manually looking through all the data. Freeing up their time and expertise to be used elsewhere.

Ever wonder exactly what’s behind a cyber attack? Click here to read IBM’s whitepaper to help you gain insight into what, when and how an enterprise security incident occurs.


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