Qradar’s SIEM (security information and event management) can help you reduce thousands of security events into a manageable list. It will consolidate your log source event data from thousands of endpoints and applications throughout your network into a common database and shared user interface.  Our networks are larger than and more complex than ever before , how big is your security team? How big would you like to be ? With QRadar’s SIEM you don’t need a 10 person team to get things done. With the consolidation and easy to use interface, you can monitor, detect, track and manage your environment all from your intuitive dashboard. This dashboard is shared across all QRadar family components which will help your IT personnel quickly identify and remediate network attacks by rank, ordering hundreds of alerts and patterns of anomalous activity into a drastically reduced number of offenses warranting further investigation.

QRadar SIEM has the ability to consolidate and store thousands of events across your network and then perform immediate correlation activities to distinguish the real threats from false positives.  This tool is

IBM Security QRadar SIEM:

  • Provides near real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization, delivering surveillance throughout the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Reduces and prioritizes alerts to focus investigations on an actionable list of suspected incidents.
  • Enables more effective threat management while producing detailed data access and user activity reports.
  • Delivers security intelligence in cloud environments.
  • Produces detailed data access and user activity reports to help manage compliance.
  • Offers multi-tenancy and a master console to help Managed Service Providers provide security intelligence solutions in a cost-effective manner.

An amazing option along with Qradar SIEM is access to IBM’s X Force.
IBM X-Force Research and Development is one of the most renowned commercial security research and development teams in the world. These security professionals monitor and analyze issues from many different sources, including its database of more than 88,000 computer security vulnerabilities, its global web crawler with over 25 Billion cataloged web pages and urls, international spam collections and millions of malware collected daily. The X Force team helps customers stay ahead of emerging threats by updating them with the latest security risks, informing them how to protect themselves, and publishing their findings on their blog, quarterly report and also on the X Force Exchange. Check them out in more detail here:

Want to learn more? Click here and download 2015 Q4 X Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly report.



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