What makes Lenovo servers different?

Since IBM System X was purchased by Lenovo – clients have been asking just exactly what differentiates Lenovo from all the other server manufactures and why they should move forward with their products.

Well, we’ve discovered that working with Lenovo has a ton of benefits. First of all, their cost is a nice surprise, along with their impeccable customer service and large product base. They are efficient and innovative with leadership in both power and cooling design and have been voted #1 in both Security ( Trusted Platform Assurance) and Reliability (#1 reliability of all x86 servers per ITIC survey). Lenovo also possesses industry leading security features and practices that secures the hardware and firmware, creating a solid foundation for your workloads and also protects both the system and management subsystem from potential attacks with their Trusted Platform Module 2.0 .

Lenovo’s server line also has a bunch of other advantages over x86 competitors such as Dell. For instance, they offer 20% more storage than Dell, more memory and more I/O for faster performance.

Read the full report on how Lenovo beat out top competitors Dell and HP on customer satisfaction here and also Check out their line up below!

Our first priority at Metrotech is to fit our clients with the perfect product to fit their wants, needs, and budget and with a company like Lenovo, we can do just that. Questions? Comments? Email us sales@metrotsg.com


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