Security : How are you protecting your company?

Security is always important, but how many different products are protecting your data? How are you monitoring EVERYTHING? Better yet, how many people are monitoring your SIEM, log management, incident forensics, vulnerability management and anomaly detection programs? Do you have enough people to even think about deploying all of these important functions? With IBM QRadar, IBM wraps all these priceless products up into one and offer a greater ease of use by allowing you to manage it all under one system.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform products deliver:

  • A single architecture for analyzing log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data.
  • Near real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection to identify high-risk threats.
  • High-priority incident detection among billions of data points.
  • Full visibility into network, application and user activity.
  • Automated regulatory compliance with collection, correlation and reporting capabilities.

Just take a look at IBM QRadar in action:

Right now we at Metrotech are also offering a free security assessment for all those interested in seeing exactly what is going currently occurring in their environment. Interested? Sign up today ! 


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