Zix Email Encryption

All businesses, big and small use Email. It’s the mail source of communication, but is it protected? And if it is… is it complicated? Well, it shouldn’t be. When you’re trying to send sensitive information you shouldn’t have to waste time making sure its encrypted and secure. You should feel confident that the moment you press Send, that it is.

We recently partnered with a company that does just that. Zix Email Encryption is easy to use and maintain so your employees will have no issues actually using it. Zix manages all the complexities on their end so your company can get back to whats really important, doing business!

So how does it work?

ZixCorp uses automatic encryption. With sophisticated filters, ZixCorp scans outbound email and automatically encrypts email containing sensitive information in the message or attachments. Automation offers peace of mind for businesses and a simplified experience for employees, who no longer stress about making the right decision or taking the right steps to encrypt.

But what about the other end? Some solutions require recipients to enter a password or visit a portal to read the email. While that might not seem too cumbersome as the sender, it sure can be annoying as the receiver!

Zix recognizes that its important to keep your customers and partners happy, so they developed a convenient and transparent experience. For recipients who use ZixCorp, encrypted email is automatically decrypted and arrives in their inbox as easy and accessible as regular email. No complexity or frustration. Just email. For recipients who don’t use ZixCorp, encrypted email is delivered in the most secure, easiest method, making secure email convenient for anyone with an email address.

Another unique capability from Zix is “Encrypt If You Can” which automatically secures 100 percent of messages between ZixCorp customers. All outbound email and replies are encrypted, yet senders and recipients do not experience any impact to their workflow, because messages are encrypted and decrypted automatically.

Interested in learning more? Download a Zix Whitepaper here  and Contact us today!!  kmartir@metrotsg.com


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