Whats new with IBM Cloud Computing?

IBM and Box announce new partnership!

Who doesn’t use Box? I use it and as of Q2 2014, 24 million other people do as well. I use it to store photos, important documents, things I know I will need to access via mobile device while on the move. Its easy to use and insanely convenient. Buuuut it leaves much to be desired when it comes to anything other than just an app to store stuff. Box has worked hard to establish itself as a viable option within the enterprise marked and not just as a consumer application. Last year it landed GE as a client and then in early 2015 it announced encryption improvements to its finance and governance tools they were able to land the U.S. Justice Department as a major customer.

But even with these big players on board, some enterprise companies are still weary of Box and its security. That’s where IBM comes aboard. IBM is the “backbone of enterprise,” and with their partnership Box hopes to be able to reach end users who need highly secure platforms for their work like government, financial services and healthcare.

IBM, meanwhile, hopes to offer its customers a better user experience than its been able to build in-house after billions spent on new cloud offerings and collaboration improvements. Ease of use is one of Box’s key strengths and they are looking forward to capitalizing on that.

So what exactly are they doing? Box and IBM are partnering to be able to integrate each other’s existing offerings and also work together to build new products. In the partnership, Box will integrate IBM’s Watson analytics and security offerings into its content collaboration platform and will allow users to store their data on IBM’s cloud. IBM will gain access to Box within its own email and work solutions as well as apps built through IBM. Both companies will work together to build new apps for iOS.

Its agreement to store data on IBM’s cloud, however, could read as an admission by Box that its own security remains a work in progress as some major clients would trust IBM who didn’t trust Box, even with its new hybrid on-premise encryption tools.

Either way this looks like a great partnership to me! Box KNOWS ease of use and we all know IBM needs all the help they can get in that area! Questions? Comments? Email us kmartir@metrotsg.com


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