IBM PurePower : “Ready to go” Power System

For those that attended IBM Edge 2015 this passed week, I’m sure you are still coming down from the overload of new information. What did you find most intriguing about the classes/announcements/presentations? I was unable to attend this year, but I followed along on their live presentations and recaps to get a gist of exactly what was going on. The announcement that I found most excited is that of the “ready to go” PurePower System.

PurePower is an enterprise class converged system that includes everything already built into the rack which supports both AIX and Linus operating systems. This system is basically a complete, ready to go, Power System. It is pre-built (see details of what comes in it below) and preconfigured already with cabling and storage allocations, two virtual IO Servers, monitoring setup and even some initial server images you can use. All you have to do is install this baby in your data center, boot it up, and you should be ready to create your first VMs.

What does the PurePower System include?

  • It will be comprised of IBM’s new Power 8 nodes either the S822 or S822L servers: dual socket, between two and 12 servers configurable
  • Two servers for management: PowerVC, a Linux KVM management server running PurePower Manager, and Nagios management software. The second is the HMC, although with the expected release of Virtual HMC in future, the configuration is expected to be fully redundant management servers.
  • Its management software based on the OpenStack cloud controller, the PowerVM hypervisor, the PowerVC security software
  • Using IBM v7000 Storage arrays, with up to 10 expansions and 16 Gb fibre switches Network is two 40 Gb switches for connections between the servers and two for management network. There is no Top of Rack switch pre-integrated, however there are three pre-tested ones you can choose from, or you can use your network standard

The PurePower System offers compute, networking and storage coverged infrastructure with advanced security capabilities that is managed with OpenStack and offers a virtualization hypervisor. This quick to deploy system will securely deliver insights in the cloud while being managed with Openstack allowing it to be adaptable to changing needs. PurePower will offer rapid implementation and ROI with up to 12X greater workload density than select competitors and a virtualization hypervisor with zero documented vulnerabilities.

I am very excited to see all that PurePower has in store for us and cannot wait for its official announcement along with all its details to be divulged (later this June they say). Questions? Comments? As always feel free to email me at


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