IBM Mobile First for iOS – Watson Health

Last July IBM and Apple announced their partnership… but what has evolved since then? Well, 23 enterprise-focused apps covering a whole host of industries, including social work, insurance, and telecom to start! The tech leaders’ ultimate goal is to stock the IBM MobileFirst portfolio with roughly 100 mobile apps aimed at enterprise businesses by the end of 2015. And so far they are right on target!

One of the most exciting developments I’ve seen from this incredible partnership is that of their focus in Healthcare, specifically with the Watson Health. Watson Health is bringing cloud services and analytics into the health business, with HealthKit and ResearchKit. HealthKit centralizes a user’s health data provided by any number of fitness and health apps on a device, while ResearchKit is an open-source platform that lets researchers create diagnostic apps for use on the iPhone. One example is mPower, which measures hand tremors as a test for Parkinson’s disease. Both services generate millions of points of data, and with customers’ consent, IBM is looking to turn that anonymous data into meaningful signals for the treatment of illnesses or rehabilitation.

Watson Health will aggregate this information from a large number of devices and providers and place it into IBM’s secure cloud platform to help ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive user health data. They will then offer insights to health companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, which can then integrate results into services they sell to health care companies.In theory, a doctor or nurse could use IBM’s Watson Health Cloud to pull data from multiple sources, including implanted sensors, fitness trackers, and other advanced sensors to more completely analyze patient data to drive more powerful and accurate findings during the treatment process.


This is pretty unbelievable if you ask me and could create huge changes in the way doctors diagnose and treat illnesses. Have you checked out the IBM Mobile First for IOS apps yet? They have a suite of solutions built to transform your enterprise company. Check them out here and if you have any questions at all please contact us


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