Watson’s Results in Healthcare

I’ve discussed Watson before, and how intuitive and game changing this technology is, but have I mentioned how life saving it can be? Watson in Pharma and life sciences is finally here, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. When using Watson in a Healthcare setting, a Physician is given choices and can confidently create the best course of treatment specific to each patient. “ Watson acts almost like a colleague who is able to gather information, prioritize it, be current in all the Medical literature and present it in a way that it is useful when meeting with a patient”  says Dr. Mark Kris of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


Memorial Sloan Kettering has trained Watson to synthesize vast amounts of data, such as physicians’ notes and reports, lab results and clinical research, to help community physicians identify treatment options for cancer patients. This training has given the physicians at MSKCC the ability to deliver evidence based medicine through analytical approaches creating more of an understanding on how to fight Cancer as a disease.

Watson is able to analyze huge amounts of data and reduce it down to critical decision points, which then helps to form the best treatment plan choices for each individual case. This helps eliminate over testing on patients and accelerate their treatment time frame as well as personalize their overall plan.

IBM Watson has also been implemented at WellPoint where its helped UM nurses make faster decisions on treatment requests. The Utilization Management (UM) process, which governs the preapproval of healthcare insurance coverage for many medical procedures, can be extremely time consuming. Requests can take on average, 72 hours for urgent preauthorizations and 3-5 days for elective procedures. With Watson in place, responses can be received in seconds, with greater accuracy and better consistency. Wellpoint’s goals were to accelerate processing of physicians’ treatment requests, save members’ time and improve efficiencies in the approval process, while continuing to base Utilization Management decisions on medical evidence and clinical practice guidelines. With Watson’s help, they have achieved just that.


How will Watson improve your Healthcare facility? Contact us today: kmartir@metrotsg.com

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