New IBM FlashSystems Announcement

IBM recently announced two all flash enterprise storage solutions that can help propel organizations into the next era of IT. IBM’s easily integrated flash solutions can help accelerate critical applications for faster decision making, and deliver enterprise-level reliability and efficiencies across the entire business environment for a faster return on investment.

IBM FlashSystem V9000 : Software defined storage at the speed of Flash. The V9000 allows you to consolidate your existing storage systems under one management domain, and implement leading-edge virtualization and storage services throughout.


IBM FlashSystem 900 : will continue providing extreme performance, enterprise reliability, and macro efficiency that can be deployed in as little as two hours, rather than the days required for conventional systems. Will provide ytou with the next generation of efficiency, economics and endurance as well as deliver microsecond response times to accelerate enterprise applications and achieve competitive advantages


At the heart of these all-flash storage arrays lies IBM FlashCore™ technology that can enable the FlashSystem to help deliver better performance than enterprise disk systems, making it flexible as well as easy to deploy across entire IT ecosystems.

The new solutions can provide customers real-time analytical insights with up to 50 times better performance than traditional enterprise storage, and up to four times better capacity in less rack space than EMC XtremIO flash technology.

These technology enhancements can translate into tangible benefits for customers that want to build cost-effective cloud architectures, gain quick insight from analytics engage with mobile customers at every opportunity, and help detect and prevent cyber fraud and data security threats in real time.

Interested in learning how to unleash the power of big data, achieve real-time business insights, make better decisions, and gain competitive advantage? Contact us today to learn more about what IBM FlashSystems can do for your company


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