IBM Verse Mobile

Most mobile devices come with an email client built in, these apps are integrated into other apps with reminders, notifications and “open with” feature allowing you to send and receive files as an attachment. But that’s about it, that’s your basic email and most times with using work programs, all those functionalities aren’t always easily available.

So what does IBM Verse Mobile offer?

Of course the basics:

  • Emails
  • Calendar entries
  • Corporate address book

In addition to this, it includes apps with more state-of-the-art features in order to:

  • Get presence awareness information (who is available?)
  • Start or join a text-based chat
  • Host or attend web meetings
  • Access my social enterprise network
  • Access my files (documents and media files)

The best way to fully understand exactly all that IBM Verse Mobile is capable of, is to see it in action :


IBM Verse is an example of how modern mobile apps should be built, with the following capabilities:

  • Awareness of other complementary apps, providing single sign-on and avoiding redundancy
  • Integration of all capabilities in one user interface, without the need to switch apps
  • Intelligent design that’s easy to learn and use, including suggestions based on users’ behavior

IBM Verse is said to become available March 30th for IOS and Android users. Please click here to sign up for your free trial and/or contact us today to get started creating a more efficient email platform for your business.


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