IBM Bluemix

Have you ever heard of cloud? I sure hope you have by now! Well, IBM recently launched IBM Bluemix with Open Cloud Architecture. Now what is Open Cloud Architecture you ask? It’s the freedom for you to use open architecture such as Cloud Foundry, Open Stack, or Docker etc. Why would you want to use these? Well, if you are looking for a system that would significantly reduce the time needed to create the application, to provision it, allow for flexible capacity in terms of storage, but also bandwidth and processing power, and also handle back-end infrastructure needs without requiring the developer to do so, so they can spent their time actually DEVELOPING applications, then IBM Bluemix is for you!

So let’s break it down simply with a quick demo:

Some Benefits for your Developers:

  • They can use the framework of choice and programming language of choice.
  • They can also create their own domain name quickly and easily.
  • They DO NOT have to create a virtual machine, configure memory, infrastructure software or deal with routers.
  • And there are Tons of services to choice from, IBM and third party.

What will it do for cloud applications built on Bluemix?:

  1. Reduce time for application/infrastructure provisioning
  2. Allow for flexible capacity
  3. Help to address any lack of internal tech resources
  4. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  5. Accelerate exploration of new workloads – social, mobile, big data

IBM Bluemix was created to allow developers to focus on developing, rather than all the steps they have to take to prepare for that point. Bluemix will allow your developers to work more efficiently and to concentrate on doing what they do best –Creating quality applications.

Download your 30 day free trial here 

And of course if you have any questions or comments please contact us

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