What can IBM Watson do for you?

Everyone has seen or heard about IBM Watson on Jeopardy and how it is able to process information more like a human rather than a computer. IBM Watson has the amazing ability to understand natural language, generate hypotheses based on this evidence and actually LEARN as it goes. Watson is able to “learn” by being taught by its users, learning from prior interactions and by being presented with new information.  How incredible is that??

So how can Watson be applied to the real world? How can it help your company? How can it NOT is the real question! There are so many ways that Watson can help your organization more fully understand and utilize the data that you currently have to allow you to make better business decisions to accelerate your company’s success.

Just check this out –  The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs just enlisted Watson to help diagnose and  treat Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is an illness that affects more than 8.3 million veterans in the U.S and many of them go without diagnosis or proper care because of how difficult it is to detect and design a treatment plan since each patient’s causes, symptoms and results are vary.

So how is Watson going to help? Like many of Watson’s other projects, it will allow clinicians to ask natural-language questions. Watson will then be able to answer based on massive amounts of data collected and housed in its data center. For example, a doctor will ask it what has worked for other patients with similar histories, traumas and symptoms and Watson will come back with proven treatment plan suggestions.

“The kind of data that Watson will be ingesting will be hundreds of thousands of documents from VHA including medical records, research docs and medical literature that will help them assess the proper patient care,” Ann Altman, IBM General Manager for U.S. Federal and Government Agencies told Mashable.

As a cognitive system, Watson will not only use the reams of data to help provide diagnosis and treatment ideas for PTSD, it will learn and improve. “Watson will develop a corpus of knowledge specific to PTSD,” said Altman, “it will collect data [and] through that Watson will learn and grown more confident.

PTSD has been defeating our doctors and Veterans for years and now with Watson, the VA will have a chance to accelerate decision-making for primary care physicians to help diagnose and create treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs, more efficiently and faster than ever before.

This is a HUGE step for the Healthcare community, but Watson is not limited to only one industry. Check out how Watson can be used in your industry for your business needs – Here


And as always if you have any questions at all, please email us at kmartir@metrotsg.com

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