IBM is reimagining email for a new way to work

Tired of being overwhelmed by your email, to do lists, contacts and calendars? I know I am! I am always looking for something to help organize and ease my time management headaches. Some weeks I could honestly spend ALL DAY just organizing my inbox! Recently I’ve become more efficient at time management/lists and the hierarchy of emails because of a few third party apps (wunderlist and boomerang), but things would really be wonderful if all this could be done within one email application. Not to mention how obscenely annoying it is when emails just disappear when going back and forth between my mobile, tablet and desktop.  Well, IBM (what? IBM and email????)  has taken all these grievances into consideration and created IBM Verse.

Check out IBM Verse in action, here. 

Said to be released in Q1 of 2015, I for one am seriously shaking with anticipation! (I have a need for organization, this could be life changing!) IBM Verse has taken a different approach to enterprise email by integrating how employees connect with each other daily , like email, meetings, calendars, file sharing, instant messages, social updates, video updates, etc. And they put it all into a single collaboration environment. PLUS they have a “faceted search” feature that will enable users to pinpoint and retrieve specific information across various types of content within their email. So no more guessing what an attachment in an email was titled over and over again and then searching through hundreds of emails in hopes of locating the correct one!

So heres the rundown of some of the IBM unique characteristics that Verse will include:

  • Intelligent Task Prioritization:  Quickly finds and prioritizes the tasks that matter most.  With lightning-fast search and built-in intelligence, it analyzes – and eventually even predicts – user behaviors and preferences in order to personalize an employee’s unique social mail experience.
  • Intuitive Collaboration Across Devices:  An intuitive, ‘at-a-glance’ user interface optimized for mobile and Web environments helps users quickly take action on content and conversations previously scattered across multiple tools such as email, calendar, to-dos, social networks, chats, online meetings and documents.  It features one-click ability to share content as a blog post rather than an email and share files through cloud-based communities.
  • Engage People, Not Email:  Provides deep context around the people and teams involved in a given task or project to drive more valuable employee engagements at the moment of impact.  This allows users to visualize employee profiles, understand relationships between individuals and teams, and more effectively track and manage project and task delegation.

Be Among the first to experience IBM Verse , sign up to be notified when its ready to be explored, I already did and CAN’T WAIT!

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