Why is keeping your backup environment in sync with your storage environment so important?

“Forty-two percent of small organizations have experienced data loss and thirty-two percent have lost files forever”

Everyday we sell storage to our clients and our first question is always “How are you going to back this up?” Sometimes we’ll get an honest answer, but some of the most common responses we get are “We already have a plan in place” in reality, they don’t or “We don’t have budget right now.” I get it, we don’t like to think about disasters, we don’t want to spend money on things that may never occur…. But what if they do? What if you chose to backup the wrong data? Or worse, what if you chose not to backup your data at all and you lose everything? What then???

So many individuals at small and midsized organizations are aware of RPO (Recovery Point Objectives ) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) yet sometimes interpreting exactly what they mean into real business sense gets lost in translation.

So here are some sample questions that could be applied to your business to help figure out what your actual needs are :

“If I’m a small manufacturer, how long can my manufacturing line be down?

“How many customers will I lose if my shipping tracking system is down and I can’t get orders out today?”

Once you get a good sense of what makes sense for your business, you can start looking at a backup solution that fits your current requirements. Early in your company’s inception management probably did establish an approach to backing up data. However, as the business grows so does your data which means that the protecting solution should grow at the same rate as well. This is one of the most common problems we have been seeing as of late, companies who have storage that has skyrocketed but their backup plan hasn’t changed in years! How can you honestly backup all 250tb of data in a backup window that was originally set up to for 25tb, realistically, you cant.

So how do you fix all this?!?


As data, storage, and your company grow and change, you need a backup solution that will do the same. There are TONS of solutions out there that we can assist you with, but it all comes down to what works best for you and your company. Would an onsite backup device work best? Offsite? Cloud solution?

We won’t know until we talk. Give us a call 732.446.8972 or drop us a note kmartir@metrotsg.com  to chat about your current environment and how we can help you avoid any surprises when it comes to keeping your business up and running if Disaster should ever strike.


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