Healthcare and Quantum

Last week our VP of Healthcare, Don Faistl and I had the opportunity to chat with a lot of Healthcare professionals at the NJHIMSS event. One of the major concerns everyone seemed to express was the importance of Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans. As we approach winter and our recently abundant “Blizzard season”, I thought I would take a moment to let you know about another company within the Healthcare industry that was recently able to reduce the size of its backups by up to 80 percent, significantly save on storage costs, and achieve automated remote replication for their disaster recovery plan.

Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS) a leading software provider with more than 39 million patient records and 50% of practices across the UK. They were looking for a solution that would be able to provide robust data protection, ultra fast performance, scalability, ease of use, the works! Quantum was able to provide them with exactly that with their DXi6700 disk Backup Solution.


  • Reduces needed backup capacity by up to 80 percent
  • Delivers performance up to 160MB per second
  • Minimizes bandwidth required to move backup data over the network
  • Provides practical and cost-effective remote replication in support of disaster recovery protection
  • Encrypts transmitted data for protection against unauthorized access
  • Significantly reduces storage costs
  • Ensures fast, reliable restores
  • Eliminates need to hire additional admin staff, despite increased data growth
  • Provides fast, detailed,drill-down reporting on the backup/restore situation

According to Mike Marchant, the Data Center Manager for EMIS, one of the key advantages of the DXi appliances has been the embedded deduplication.

“Using the deduplication functionality, we only back up the changed data, and this has reduced the size of our backups by up to 80 percent,” Marchant says. “The store would typically be 30TB, but using the integrated deduplication in the Quantum DXi6700 appliance, we have reduced the backup to 5TB. The backup window has shrunk commensurably, too.”

EMIS deployed DXi6700 appliances in two data centers. Two Quantum Scalar i500 intelligent tape libraries complete the picture, offering seamlessly integrated disk-to-disk-to-tape protection and vaulting off-site.


Are you interested in reducing your backup capacity? Increase performance? Decrease storage costs? (I think we all are)

Check out the full case study and drop me a note at with any questions you may have!

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