IBM’s Acquisition of Fiberlink

IBM is known for purchasing smaller niche companies and intermingling their technology with their own, and they are looking to do exactly the same with Fiberlink and its MaaS360 technology.

Who is Fiberlink and what do they provide?

Fiberlink’s MasS360 is an enterprise mobility platform that enables key features such as end to end security and management for applications, documents, emails and devices. MaaS360 provides end users with maximum flexibility to BYOD environments with multi-platform support, self-service enrollment, customized over-the-air configuration, automated policy enforcement, and secure distribution of apps and documents. With MaaS360 you can pick from one of the following product modules, or put a few of the modules together to create a bundle and meet more of your mobility requirements.

  • MaaS360 Mobile Device Management
  • MaaS360 Mobile Application Management
  • MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing
  • MaaS360 Secure Mail
  • MaaS360 Secure Browser
  • MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management
  • MaaS360 Laptop Management

Why did IBM buy Fiberlink?

IBM decided to acquire Fiberlink because its product portfolio was lacking a substantial mobile SaaS option. With continued enterprise interest to minimize data center usage and move to cloud-based services, the acquisition of Fiberlink will allow IBM to fill this gap and integrate the technology with other cloud offerings as well to provide a more complete overall solution by being able to build, run, manage and deploy mobile applications.

Fiberlink’s competitive advantages will further enhance the IBM solutions, by adding:

  • Simple and fast SaaS deployments with an exceptional customer experience for IT and employees, users can often enroll devices in less than five minutes with self-service.
  • Powerful management and security capabilities that are tightly integrated allowing for a complete solution to secure the device, application and the data.
  • Flexible mobile application container options to separate work and personal data and improve BYOD deployments.
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems such as email, directories, and certificate authorities that can usually be completed within an hour.
  • The most trusted and proven approach to delivering mobile management and security backed by a FISMA Authority to Operation (ATO) from the US Government.

What Maas360 will bring to IBM’s endpoint manager?

Combined with other IBM MobileFirst offerings and recent acquisitions, Fiberlink and IBM will provide:

  • Comprehensive mobile solutions. IBM will be able to help clients with their full mobile management and app lifecycle needs – including on-premise and cloud, mobile devices and desktops. Provides seamless integration with existing enterprise technologies and broad OS support.
  • Rapid time-to-value. Enroll devices in less than five minutes with hosting and simple device on-boarding capabilities, hosted in the cloud. Automation and employee self-service reduces the impact to the Help Desk. Easily scale from ten devices to enterprise scale deployments.
  • BYOD and Trusted Transactions. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires balancing organizational security and employee privacy. MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM Company offers dual-persona management over enterprise apps, secure e-mail, web browsing and file sync to achieve this balance.

 And if all that isn’ t enough, MaaS360 is the most recognized, award-winning solution for Mobile Enterprise Management. The following are a few of their most recent awards: 

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Mobile Device Management
  • SIIA CODiE Award Winner for Best Mobile Device Application for Enterprises
  • InfoTech Champion for Mobile Device Management
  • Best Mobile Solution from the Enterprise Mobility Forum
  • Best Enterprise Mobile Service at the GSMA Mobile World Congress
  • Best Mobile Solution by GovTEK

Read more about IBM’s Aquisition of Fiberlink here with a quick and informative Forrester Report.

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