Increase your ROI with Servergy

As an IT Solutions Provider, we are always looking for innovative companies to partner with so we can offer our clients the most cutting edge technology that will specifically fit their current needs. Servergy is one of these companies. Servergy has decided to replace the very hot, heavy, and power hungry servers that are currently operating in the global data center marketplace today by bringing in a new breed of servers with space saving, Hyper Efficient,  Clean, and cutting edge technology.

Servergy’s servers are engineered from the ground up with their own patented Cleantech Architecture on top of the mature, scalable and data center proven Power Architecture. It replaces the power-hungry servers that are currently operating in the data centers today and provides you with a device with extremely high I/O, high density and high scalability solutions for your enterprise. The Cleantech Server literally pays for itself by dramatically reducing the Total Cost of Acquisition ,Operating Costs and Total Cost of Ownership, maximizing overall data center ROI and payback.

So How does Servergy allow you to save so much?

·       Saves Space: Increases compute density up to 16x  compared to traditional server technology.
·       Improves Throughput: Provides 16x the I/0 bandwidth density compared to traditional server technology.
·       Hyper-Efficient: Servergy’s new Cleantech ArchitectureTM reduces power, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon footprint by up to 80% or more.
·       Pays For Itself: For every $1 spent, the Cleantech Server returns up to $5 back in three years or less.
·       Highly Scalable: Cloud, big data, caching and distributed storage solutions.
·       Proven Architecture: Based on mature, scalable and data center-proven Power Architecture®.

Historically each new server added to your data center would need additional floor space, power, cooling, network interfaces, data storage and admin. All these factors can obviously increase costs in an array of other arrays such as maintenance, energy and administrative overhead. The Servergy Cleantech Server allows scale out software architectures to expand without additional power. Cleantech servers are able to provide power to run real data center workloads in the power envelope of most “processors and CPUs” in industry standard servers running scale out applications. This makes Servegry’s Cleantech Architecture the perfect platform for deployment of scale out distributed applications.


Servergy’s Clean Tech servers also have a lot of other benefits as well:

–          Ability to mount on standard racks quickly and easily

–          Bandwidth to support the growing demands of today’s data center

–          Industry Leading performance-per-watt PowerLinux server uses under 130 watts at full load (1 watt of power saved at the server equals 3 watts of power saved at the data center )

–          Increases I/O and compute density up to 16x

–          Patented energy optimization technology enables the server to improve performance and energy efficiency

–          The Servergy proprietary power supply offers a high reliability and efficiency

–          Leveraging KVM virtualization and unique memory mappings technology, we are able to run 8 or more virtual machines per server. Increasing VM density by nearly 2x per 1U

–          Storage capabilities includes 4 bays/2.5” SATA (HDD or SSD) FOR UP TO 4Tbs of RAW storage internally and up to 960 Tbs of RAW storage with external attached SAS drawers

–          Up to 4 internal solid state drives optimize high I/O access applications to improve performance, throughput and response time.

–          Servergy is part of the Open compute project

–          Made in the US

Servergy stands out not only because of their cutting edge Clean Technology, but also because they are a solution minded company.

What problems are you trying to solve? Power? Cooling? Space? Weight?

What are the results you are trying to achieve?

Servergy believes that there is no “once size fits all” solution. They are sensitive to investments already made by your company, and believe in providing an ROI focused solution.

Servergy brings a great deal of experience in clean and green technology that allows hyper-efficient scale out to the OpenStack community. Its contributions will enable data centers and enterprises to boost IT performance and overcome the growing power and space constraints that are challenging the industry today, globally. So check them out, and as always if you have any questions at all, send them on over to

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