C Suite and Social Business

Since its launch, “Social” Business has always been a touchy subject when working with the C Suite.

  • Is it social media?
  • Are there privacy concerns?
  • What about security?
  • What can we gain from using such a risky tool?
  • Is this just a fad?

Well it turns out, the C suite is more interested than ever in this “risky tool”. They have begun to understand its fundamental business value and have changed their view to seeing this tool as an “opportunity to change the way we work”.

Social Business is a platform which allows you to not only collaborate with your coworkers, but also with your clients, customers, partners and suppliers. You can easily discuss and work together on projects while physically being at different locations. This tool allows you to gather real feedback from clients and coworkers, and locate and progress new ideas quickly and efficiently.

Naturally the C suite members were a bit weary when the tool first launched, but with case studies proving the increase in productivity, C Suite members are now seeing Social Business as an essential tool within their business. Customer engagement, branding, and innovation are only a few things that Social Business can accelerate. A company’s entire workflow can potentially be changed to flow faster and more efficiently than ever before.


View Deloitte’s latest study on how the C Suite has come to accept Social Business and its benefits and contact us anytime, kmartir@metrotsg.com,  to see which Social Business Platform is right for you.


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