Super Analytics, Super Easy

Introducing IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration

Imagine a database technology that gives you 10-20 times faster performance right out of the box, requires dramatically less storage, and nearly eliminates the need for tuning.

Too good to be true, right?    Not anymore.

BLU Acceleration is all about reducing costs and improving time-to-value by making complex analytics faster, easier, and more resource-friendly. Blu Technology has in-memory, hardware-optimized analytics, columnar processing, broader SQL support, Input/output and CPU efficiencies, and is built directly into the DB2 kernel to provide you with seamless integration. And what’s really exciting is that no tuning is required on DB2 10.5 to achieve these results.


Since BLU Acceleration is fully integrated with DB2, it does not require SQL or schema changes to implement. Just load and go. Enhancements such as automation, optimization and self-tuning help to further simplify overall use. Since this technology is exclusively built for analytic queries your business will benefit from performance that is dramatically faster then previous versions.

Business Analytics play a big role in differentiating your company from your competitors. Work faster and smarter with BLU Acceleration. Blu offers a faster, easier and significantly more affordable approach to analytics along with many other benefits.

BLU Benefits

  • Less ongoing maintenance
  • Reduce storage costs
  •  No indexes or materialized query tables (MQTs) to define or tune
  • Storage is automatically freed and returned to the system for reuse
  • Data is automatically deleted over time
  • Compression algorithms will automatically adapt to changing data patterns.
  • Easily convert tables to the column-organized format
  • Unique encoding enabling BLU to deliver actionable compression
  • Data can be used without decompressing
  • Automatic workload management when  DB2_WORKLOAD=ANALYTICS is set.
  • Maximum core utilization

This feature ensures that while any number of queries may be submitted by applications, only a controlled number are allowed to consume resources simultaneously.

BLU Acceleration also reduces storage requirements in a number of important ways.

  1. Since no secondary indexes or MQTs are needed on column-organized tables, you save storage space.
  2. BLU Acceleration exploits multiple compression techniques on each column to compress each value to just a few bits. This approach allows multiple values to fit into a machine word.

These patented techniques permit DB2 to not only store the data more efficiently, but also to better process it while it is still compressed. BLU Acceleration applies predicates, performs joins, and does grouping, all on the compressed values of column-organized tables.

You’ll have to try DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration to fully appreciate just how fast your queries will run, how simple it is to administer, and how small your column-organized tables can be compressed. I am confident you will be pleased with your improved time-to-value.

View the quick video here to learn more:

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