Why you need the new LTO-6 Tape Technology

New LTO-6 tape technology provides 6.25TB of compressed data storage per cartridge, higher throughput, enhanced security, and advanced data protection features required to do business today.

Why should you take advantage of LTO-6 NOW?

–          Because your current tape capacity is BURSTING at the seams. By switching to LTO-6, it will enable you to substantially grow more capacity with FEWER cartridges. The ability to store more data on a single tape cartridge keeps costs down, while helping make tape management easier.

–          Because you need to consolidate multiple tape libraries. Consolidating with LTO-6 ’s capacity (6.25 TB of compressed data per cartridge) will allow you to accommodate all of your data. LTO- 6 has more than twice the storage capacity of LTO-5 tapes and about four times the capacity of LTO-4 tapes So, significantly fewer tapes are needed to back up the same volume of data. This saves not only on the cost of the media but also on tape management time put in by your IT staff.

–          Because you NEED LTFS. LTFS allows you to store data on tape without using a backup application, and allows tapes to be written in a common format so that they can be read anywhere without any application other than the open source LTFS software. It also indexes tapes and makes them searchable so the files you need can be retrieved much faster.

–          Because it will allow you to LOWER disk operating costs. Spinning disks need electricity for power and cooling. One study estimated that it cost about $40 a year to power and cool an average data center disk drive. Once data is stored on tape, no electricity is required to preserve it. You would be surprised by how much you can save by implementing a tiered storage approach where you migrate some of your data to tape. And even when a tier is used for disk-based backup, companies back up that data to tape for long-term retention, archiving, and offsite safety.

–          Because you need to complete full backups FASTER. LTO-6 supports higher throughput to allow your company to complete backup and archiving jobs faster  (LTO-6 drives deliver 400MB/s throughput (based on 2.5:1 data compression). LTO-5 drives offer 280MB/s, LTO-4 drives offer 240MB/s, and LTO-3 drives offer 160MB/s.)

–          Because you need your Data to remain Secure. LTO-6 drives encrypt data using the 256-bit AES algorithm, which is recommended by the U.S. government for the highest levels of data security.

As your long-term data storage grows, so does your need for a dependable and efficient way to keep it protected, and LTO-6 is the way to get this done. Contact MetroTech to discuss all your upgrade options and process your order today!

Image i6000, i500, i40, i80 and SuperLoader 3 now all available wih LO-6

One thought on “Why you need the new LTO-6 Tape Technology

  1. The incredible 2.5TB native and 6.25TB compressed data storage capacity can preserve on a small form factor cartridge. As well as the remarkable and rapid data, transfer speed increased by 160MB/Sec native and 400MB/Sec compressed data (2.5:1 Compression Rate) these are most powerful improvements in any class of existed magnetic cartridge over prior LTO Ultrium generations.

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