IBM Mobile First

IBM Mobile First

Introducing the most comprehensive mobile portfolio EVER!! This fabulous new portfolio was just announced and it really is a HUGE game changer.

IBM Mobile First combines security, analytics and app development software, with cloud-based services and deep mobile expertise. Using IBM MobileFirst solutions, businesses can now streamline everything from the management of employee mobile devices, to the creation of a new mobile commerce app that will transform their entire business model.

So How does it work? How is this going to change the way we do business? Well essentially Mobile First changes everything.

The world is mobile. Customers want convenience and enterprises need to accommodate this by innovating and of course ensuring end to end security. So IBM came up with a portfolio that does it all.

Here are just a few of its features:

–          Brings resources together to strengthen customer and employee engagements in REAL TIME

–          Allows true end to end mobile solutions and security (the only platform that brings it all together)

–          Improves collaboration and workforce productivity by allowing employees’ BYOD to connect to networks, data and enhanced apps.

–          SECURITY , SECURITY,  SECURITY – single sign on, reporting, threat detection, encryption, app level VPN. (virtual private network) etc.

–          Allows you to gain visibility of mobile customers’ experience across your mobile websites as well as apps, eliminating obstacles that block successful conversions

–          Enhanced analytics with Cognos Mobile – allowing your company’s BYOD to view and full interact with reports, dashboards, metrics and analytics.

–          Develop, deploy , integrate and manage application and infrastructure elements of your mobile enterprise and end-user platforms

–          Helps companies connect and collaborate through integrated voice, data and video channels to support a mobile workforce.

–          Is an open, mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets. Allowing you to develop, run and manage HTML5, hybrid, and native applications.

–          Automates testing for high-quality mobile apps.

–          Allows you to create personalized, content-rich multichannel experiences for customers and employees easily and cost-effectively.

And the list goes on.

Check out a quick summary of how others are deploying its capabilities here  And read about it here!

As always if you have any questions or just want to chat and learn some more , feel free to contact me at anytime


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