Is Your Data Secure?

Ever wonder about the security of your data? What kind of security measures are you currently implementing?

Firewalls? -Encryption? – pretty typical answers

But what if “viruses” weren’t the biggest threat to your data? What if your data was being monitored for months, even years and you had no idea! What if one day the FBI just walked into your office and told you that you’ve been breached- I know that’s a little extreme…. But its happened!!!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fell victim to precisely this for over a year before anyone discovered it- a whole year of their “sensitive and confidential “ data was being stolen by an outside organization. This organization even had their own search engines developed just to search for specific keywords within the chamber’s documents.

This type of attack is known as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

These threats are targeted at specific groups and use custom malware to penetrate your system. This malware is not detected by traditional antivirus products and typically these organizations will attack using an array of different tactics.

They can and will steal customer/employee data, corporate plans, financial data, even bring down your website… can you afford for this to happen?

To combat all these threats it’s important to deploy a number of technologies like network traffic monitoring and forensics, end point protection platforms, security information and event management (SIEM) and vulnerability assessment technologies. It is essential for businesses today to move beyond deploying the latest network security box to block hackers, and develop a real-time monitoring security environment that identifies all unusual activity.

According to Q1 Labs (an IBM company) “A solid strategy should include collecting network flow data, server and application logs, events and alerts from network security appliances such as firewalls and intru­sion prevention system (IPS) devices, and user activity data such as database activity monitoring (DAM) information, and putting them into a scalable, distributed repository so you can apply big data analytics and indexed search to find the “needle in the haystack” indicating that an attack has occurred.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Just like the rest of the technology world, “hacker technology” is ever evolving as well. Your IT security must be an ever changing environment. The QRadar SIEM (security Information and Event Management) is the leading  solution in the industry, and since January 1st 2013 it is now an IBM company.

QRadar SIEM will help you:

–          Detect Threats

–          Exceed regulation mandates

–          Predict risks against your business

–          Detect INSIDER fraud

–          Consolidate Data Silos

While QRadar is collecting information like security events, networking context/events and user context, it is also analyzing it as well. It then creates reports providing real time event correlation for use in threat detection and compliance reporting/auditing. This step helps to reduce and prioritize the millions or billions of events create throughout your organization that day.

QRadar has so many functionalities including those specifically formatted for virtual environments and mobile devices. It allows you to monitor, analyze and act on intrusions all through one easy to use console.

Read the data sheet here for more information and as always contact Metrotech at with any questions you may have!!


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