Sandy’s Aftermath

As a New Jersey based company I would first like to send our sympathy and support to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Our employees were lucky enough to have only experienced minor damage and power outages while many in the region lost their homes and/or businesses all together.  I could not imagine the loss they are feeling and I hope that they all receive the assistance needed to put their lives back together.

As an IT solutions company, it is only natural to ask, how prepared were we for such a disaster?  Being on the East Coast, we have been lucky enough to have been spared throughout many natural disasters, so many businesses tend not to think of ever having to deal with such a situation.

Sandy certainly proved her point, when she left millions without power- crippling “the city that never sleeps “ even shutting down the NYSE for 2 days.  So what was your backup procedure? Did it work?

IBM Smartcloud Managed Backup is an total solution that lets you choose and implement a plan for data backup, retention and retrieval.  It allows you to choose between public, private or a hybrid cloud approach and also gives you the choice of storing your information onsite or at a remote location. With both onsite and offsite options, customer data can be protected by a redundant infrastructure managed by IBM.  With its security rich practices like advanced encryption and automatic data backup, it offers better protection than a do-it yourself option. Centralized reporting and analytics combined with faster, and more flexible recovery points increase recovery time availability.

Cloud based data protection solutions can provide you with peace of mind with its web based reporting, alert notifications and graphical or tabular reports. This solution is scalable and cost effective since it allows you to be able to predict monthly operating expenses, reducing upfront capital requirements for hardware and software, and of course eases the cost of managing of the data.  IBM’s Smartcloud Managed Backup solution can provide you with end to end data protection keeping your most critical data secure and available even during outages. So be prepared for the next “ Frankenstorm”  and  Protect, manage and backup your data today to save yourself months of frustration later!

Follow this link for some more information on DR and Backup

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