National Health IT Week

So in honor of National Health IT week , I wanted to let you all know a little more about Acuo Technologies, a company that we at Metrotech are VERY proud to be partnered with.

Acuo Technologies’ goal is to provide software that when implemented, “result in the ability for a healthcare enterprise to get pertinent data into the hands of medical personnel faster and more cost effectively. This will enable patients to reduce wait times for treatments and medications and reduce the potential for human error in care delivery and administration. In the end, these efficiencies and quality enablers will help the overall clinical process run smoothly and allow the patient to have a better experience. “

Acuo’s Universal Clinical Platform [UCP] is tomorrow’s solution today for simplifying clinical content management, including medical images and non-DICOM clinical content. A true vendor neutral archive (VNA) solution, UCP was designed for healthcare organizations that want to regain control of their data and achieve enterprise-wide interoperability across multiple disparate PACS with only one archive to manage.

UCP advantages include:

  • Integration capabilities through HL7 for synchronization of all managed content
  • Enables digital information to flow to and from multiple, diverse storage devices
  • Eliminates current and future downstream migration issues and vendor lockin
  • Unique workflow across disparate systems without unique custom engineering efforts
  • Enterprise wide reconciliation allowing consistent patient information across all systems
  • RHIO/HIE and IDN readiness
  • Ability to connect to any image system to share data and collaborate freely across the continuum of care
  • Create a “Google‐like” environment to aggregate, federate, and virtualize medical imaging assets and related content
  • Manage all data within an XDS context delivering standards based capabilities across all content types
  • Performance dashboard enables administrators to monitor enterprise status and behavior at a glance
  • Support for all existing and future viewing technologies
  • No change to physician look and feel on any PACS
  • Multiple integrated replication and business continuity options
  • Service-oriented, peer-aware, grid-based solution that offers unlimited scalability in both number of integrated client systems and storage capacity
  • Flexibility to manage departmental workflows and ILM requirements
  • Flexible foundation for accessibility and integration of all data types, DICOM and non-DICOM, into the ever-changing clinical environment through standards-based protocols
  • Aggregates and federates DICOM objects and query results as well as virtualizing and replicating all clinical content via on-premise and cloud-based deployment
  • Network buyback through load optimization, pre-fetching, compression, throttling and multi-point routing

I’ve highlighted a few key points that I found as differentiators, but the one that I think is most important is the fact that their approach is focused on seamless integration of all PACS and storage solutions, giving you more choices. In the traditional PACS way, you would be locked into certain systems and storage solutions based on the PACS system you chose. Now with the ACUO solution, you will be able to choose the best performing solution for your specific environment. The benefits don’t stop there, with the Acuo solution in place, you will only need to mirgrate your data over one more time, no more
migrations just because of an upgrade!! That’ll save your IT department a lot of headaches annnd some serious money now won’t it!

If you’re looking into improving your healthcare facility (and you should be ) and the way departments and physicians work, I highly recommend looking into Acuo Technologies and all the capabilities their solution can bring to your environment. This is just a blip of all the benefits that Acuo can bring to the table – as always contact me for more information.


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