Healthcare IT Predictions

So as everyone knows our Healthcare rules and regs have been under change since Obamacare has come into play, and all opinions aside, our healthcare IT system is in desperate need of a face lift. I mean really, why are we getting the SAME tests taking each time we go for a second opinion? Why do we have to go through our medical history every time we go to the hospital?  Don’t physicians share our information to prevent over medicating? unnecessary xrays? unnecessary testing? Over all, the lack of collaboration between medical professionals is absolutely unbelievable. Nevermind the lack of collaboration between medical professionals and patients. Now that is next to non-existent.

According to HealthLeaders Media’s article on the Top 10 Healthcare IT Predictions the number one prediction is that Patients will demand to know “Where’s my data??”. So not only will patients’ data need to become accessible, it also needs to remain secure, easy to read and understand, as well as easily accessed by other physicians. Acuo Technologies has already mastered the VNA to allow physicians in different fields to view the same patient data with out having to retest, but what about patients? How are they going to access their data?

I’ve referenced IBM’s new social business platform before, but I can’t help myself! Its the solution to all our problems! Patients will easily be able to access their data. The platform is based off our most popular social media websites, ie, Facebook, so patients will be able to navigate flawlessly. There is a secure log in and password for each user, as well as public areas so that organizations can announce upcoming events or articles of interest to their patients.

Being socially connected is expected in today’s world. Business’s aren’t “trusted” unless they have reviews posted and are searchable on Facebook. Hospitals and Doctor’s offices should model their new platforms after this. Patients want access to their data and with EMR becoming mandatory it has never been easier to supply them with such.


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