Organizations’ BYOD security Issues SOLVED

“A recent survey should raise some alarms among healthcare providers who have adopted or are considering a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy.”

Organizations in every industry are adopting the BYOD strategy, but what happens if that smart phone gets lost? Stolen? Your entire organizations security is now breached. ”  51 percent say their companies don’t have the capability of remotely wiping data from a device if it is stolen or lost.” THAT’S INSANE! The Healthcare industry is even more at risk when they allow employees to BYOD, since most don’t have proper security in place. That lack of security can lead to violations against HIPAA guidelines for protecting sensitive patient data.

IBM’s incredible solution? ” TEM ” Tivoli Endpoint manager, that essentially does just that… Manages Endpoints. With TEM you can safeguard all devices, as well as manage them from a single platform. If a device is lost or stolen you can REMOTELY and selectively wipe it clean so that your sensitve information will not become public knowledge. Imagine that you have a disgruntled employee that just got laid off, and they have all of your organization’s confidential information on their cellphone. Before that employee is able to even leave the building, you would be able to wipe that device clean. Now that’s some amazing management of technology!!!!

Not only did you just save plenty of clients’ information, but I’m sure your legal department is also very pleased with you as well!!  🙂

So what are you waiting for? Check out TEM for yourself, read the Data sheet here.

And check out this publication that refers to the Healthcare Industry and the major gamble it takes by not deploying security software on employees’ BYOD Here


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